About us

Narval is our crazy project:
A brother and a sister on their coffee journey ! 

Thanks to our father, we were lucky enough to grow up in the world of coffee, and since then, coffee has been in our blood.

Over time, we have discovered its richness and complexity, but also its unifying and convivial character.

Inspired by our father's values, curiosity and knowledge, and with the years of experience we have accumulated in this field, we wanted to fly on our own and explore specialty coffees further... and that is how Narval was born.

Driven by our desire to honour coffees in their diversity of tastes and aromas, we choose, blend and roast them so that they can fully express their terroirs and cultures, never losing sight of another of our wishes: to charm and amaze you!

From the beginnings of the creation of our project to the official launch of our company, we move forward with humility and passion.
Narval intends to be a space for exploration, encounters and adventures.
Are you ready to discover new horizons and to get off the beaten track with us?

Taste the difference with Narval Café Lab.